iPhone Password Data Leak Notification - 7 Things To Do ASAP

‘This password has appeared in a data leak’ is one of the worst messages you can get when it comes to privacy. Unfortunately, billions of password leaks have happened before – but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do! So, what should you do after an Apple data leak notification?

Changing the compromised password is the first thing to do after an iPhone password leak notification. Looking for every other compromised login credential and doing the same is also a must. Choosing strong passwords

Role-Based Access Control in Cybersecurity - The Practical Guide

Studies show more than 30% of cybersecurity-related issues have to do with insider threats. Mitigating attacks from within is never easy, though there are certain systems you can implement to make mitigation a priority. Role-based access control is one of them. So, how can RBAC help your company?

Role-based access control helps reduce the risk of internal and external threats by assigning a role to employees and limiting their network access on a role-based scope. This strategy allows employees

9 Network Segmentation Best Practices - And Why They Matter for Cybersecurity

Almost every company in the world has suffered a network breach in the past. Businesses everywhere should strive to protect their data if they don’t want to face problems with threat actors and law enforcement alike – and network segmentation prevents that from happening. So, what are the network segmentation best practices?

Planning network segmentation ahead of time is a must, and so is implementing network monitoring right after. Avoiding over- and under-segmentation is key. Other measures,

Public vs. Private Clouds - Know What’s Right for Your Business

Did you know more than 94% of companies use the cloud? Most people do so as well. If you’re looking for the right cloud-based solution, you should know that not all clouds are made equal: some are public, others are private, and some are found in between. So, what’s the difference between public vs. private clouds?

Public clouds share the same infrastructure for different companies, though customers can only access their data. Private clouds use infrastructure only accessible by the company usi

Malvertising - The Idle Surfer’s Cybersecurity Threat

Studies show the average user sees up to 10,000 ads daily, meaning people are bombarded with popups and similar. Being annoyed with an ad is far from the worst thing that could happen online, as threat actors have caught up to how widespread ads are – and use them to their advantage. So, what’s malvertising?

Malicious advertising (or malvertising for short) is a cyberattack that consists in using ads in harmful ways. Threat actors use compromised ads to spread malware or set up phishing scams.

Network Security as a Service - The Model and Who Is It Right For

Experts believe we’ll see a rise in cybercrime in 2023, costing companies more than 8 trillion dollars worldwide. Outsourcing your cyberdefense to professionals could prevent disasters. The best way to do so is to look for network security as a service options.

Network security as a service is a subset of SECaaS that takes care of network security. It’s the best way to outsource your company’s cybersecurity and protect its data. NSaaS also deals with intrusion detection and suspicious activity

Cloud Data Security - 8 Best Practices You DON’T Want To Violate

Over 90% of companies use data cloud storage services. Odds are, you store data in the cloud too. It’s no wonder: doing so provides you with an efficient and affordable way to handle files. If that’s the case, you need to know about the cloud data security best practices you never want to violate.

Cloud data security best practices include encrypting data, setting the right policies, and training users. Restricting privileges, isolating your network, and auditing your compliance are necessary t

Zero Trust Architecture and Security - Getting Things Right From the Ground Up

Federal agencies are switching to a zero trust model to improve their chances against constant cyberattacks. Most companies should do the same if they want to prevent catastrophic scenarios, such as data breaches. So, what is zero trust?

Zero trust architecture is a model that assumes every user and device is unknown and must verify their connection, no matter how many times they connect to the network. This approach reduces the chance of an attack but comes with certain challenges, such as pro

SOA vs. Microservices - The Cyber Security Overview

Service-oriented architecture and microservices have a lot of similarities – but pose different cybersecurity risks. You have to be smart about which one you choose since your architectural approach will be the bridge between customers and your company. So, what’s the difference between SOA and microservices in cybersecurity?

SOA and microservices architecture differ in age, costs, and possible risks. Microservices may leave a lot of access points wide open, while SOA could compromise multiple

4 Ways Malicious Software Gets on GitHub - And How to Watch Out for That

GitHub hosts more than 200 million repositories, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe threat actors will use that figure to their advantage. Hackers look to infect famous and obscure repos with malware, so users fall prey to their attacks. So, how does malicious software get on GitHub?

Threat actors can edit, clone, and compromise existing repositories. They can also upload seemingly harmless ones that have malware disguised in their files. Using trustworthy repos, scanning for malware, and

What Is Email Spoofing and How To Secure Your Company From It

Did you know hackers send more than three billion phishing emails daily? They employ different tactics to make their scams seem legitimate, and email spoofing is one of the top-ranking choices to make that happen. So, how can you prevent email spoofing and keep your company safe from it?

Email spoofing prevention includes using spam filter software, employing security protocols, and training employees. Users should know common spoofed email telltale signs, such as bad grammar or too good to be

The Cost of Non-compliance - Top Fines, Penalties, and Settlements in Cybersecurity

Studies show 75% of businesses are structuring their budget to reflect an increase in cybersecurity investments. That happens because data breaches and non-compliance could bankrupt you. So, how much does cyberlaw non-compliance cost?

Non-compliance costs almost three times more than compliance. The average data breach costs thousands and millions of dollars without considering fines, which could cost even more than that. Following the law keeps data breaches, lawsuits, and threat actors at bay

Botnets and Protection From Them - 8 Solutions for Businesses

Studies show more than 25% of internet users are harmful bots. In other words, botnets comprise ¼ of the entire web. That number will continue to increase unless humans can stop these infected networks from growing. So, what’s the best botnet protection solution for businesses?

Active prevention is the best botnet protection possible. Following cybersecurity best practices is the ideal way to avoid having devices infected with malware. Setting up proactive defenses, such as downloading botnet p

9 Signs Your Company Needs a Cybersecurity Audit ASAP

Studies show 20 data breaches happen every day, which means there are countless attacks taking place behind those successful attempts. Auditing and testing your security is a sure way to fend off any attempts. So, how can you tell it’s time for a cybersecurity audit?

Companies should do a cybersecurity audit after a long time has happened since the last one. Changes in compliance policies or other rules and regulations should also trigger an audit. Suffering attacks or breaches also show it’s t

Is OneDrive Secure? 7 Things to Watch Out For

Hackers have cloud storage between their crosshairs: they use it to store their malicious data and look to breach accounts to steal information. That puts users in a difficult position when it comes to choosing the right storage service for them. So, is OneDrive secure?

OneDrive is a secure cloud storage option. That doesn’t mean you can blindly trust this or any other service, as they all have been breached in the past. Taking extra measures, such as encrypting files before uploading them and

MAC Address Vulnerabilities in Cybersecurity - 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Companies take more than a week to detect a threat actor hiding within their network. Hackers often mask their true identity by pretending to be an employee or someone else. A MAC spoofing attack is how that could happen. So, how can you have a better MAC address cybersecurity strategy?

The best way to prevent a MAC spoofing attempt is to hide that address as best as possible. Turning off Bluetooth and WiFi is a great way to make that happen. Detecting this type of attack requires monitoring: t

7 Ways Blockchain Tech Is Used in Cybersecurity

Blockchain technology is a billion-dollar industry that’ll continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Most people know about it because of cryptocurrency, though that’s far from the only use it has. It may also make your network more secure. So, how can you use blockchain cybersecurity?

Blockchain in cybersecurity can improve user and data validation, authentication and authorization processes, and DNS protection and DDoS prevention. It all boils down to using the decentralization, security, a

Are Free VPNs Really Safe? An Expert Opinion

Threat actors are smart when it comes to finding vulnerabilities or setting up scenarios to attack you. Of course, there are multiple ways to defend yourself. For example, you may use a VPN to protect your connection, but that may not help if you use a free one. So, are free VPNs safe?

Free VPNs are not safe. Some are ridden with malware, others are full of vulnerabilities, and a handful of them are compromised by their owners. At the same time, no free option will protect your data: in some ca

What Is a Human Firewall and How It Helps in Cybersecurity

Did you know more than 80% of all successful cyberattacks have to do with the human element? That makes people the weakest link in your cyberdefense – unless you build a human firewall to stop that. Few people know what that means, though we all would benefit from acting like one.

A human firewall is a person or group of people who follow cybersecurity best practices, helping to stop threat actors and other cybercriminals. Building a human firewall takes time, training, and tools – but its bene

Ethical Hacking in 2023 - Top Projects, Books, and Movements

Studies show there’ll be an increase in demand for ethical hackers – almost 30% by 2026. That gives anyone plenty of time to learn what ethical hacking is, what an ethical hacker does, and whether this is a good career or hobby to follow. So, how is ethical hacking looking in 2023?

Ethical hackers employ their skills to help businessmen and companies look for vulnerabilities in their systems. In 2023, tech-savvy people could learn to hack ethically from home using books and courses. This career